List of Stereotypes on Switzerland

From the moment people found out that my next travel destination was Switzerland, I have been hearing a mix of stereotypes. Some where the result of a conversation about the country, but most were a direct reaction to the mention of the country’s name.

I have never previously met any Swiss, so I couldn’t confirm or deny anything, but I would love to know what the locals think.

I expect to hear more than one perspective, as in every country no matter how much people look and act alike, they are never the same.

These are a mix of things I heard l, but also questions of my own:

  1. Swiss are punctual.
  2. Swiss are efficient.
  3. Swiss can ski.
  4. All Swiss can speak German.
  5. Swiss in French speaking cantons are french, in German speaking cantons are german etc
  6. Swiss are rich.
  7. Swiss love cleaning.
  8. Swiss eat a lot of chocolate.
  9. Swiss eat a lot of fondue.
  10. Swiss eat a lot of cheese.
  11. Swiss are slow.
  12. All Swiss are pacifists.
  13. Swiss are cold and serious.
  14. Swiss are tight on rules.
  15. Swiss are private and don’t invade other’s privacy.
  16. Swiss never argue.

These will be my guidelines. If anyone has anything to add, let me know.

Currently exploring Switzerland xx

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