Stereotypes on Switzerland (No.1)

🇨🇭 The original list I made was random, subjective and is maybe a bit offensive to anyone who actually knows the place. It was created as a fun game to see my ‘before and after perspective’ of a trip! You can find it here: Swiss Stereotypes List

On my list Stereotype No.1 was that the Swiss are punctual.

The short answer: Yes they are! -This does not apply to the whole population though.-

Having in mind that the whole country consists of cantons (as per Google: a subdivision of a country established for political or administrative purposes), it makes sense that each corner of the country has a slightly different character.
I travelled around most of the country and spent at least a day in each area I visited. Important famous areas I did not visit is the capital (Bern), Basel, Interlaken and Geneva.

Central Train Station Zurich

During my stay/visit at the swiss-german cantons, people were overall punctual and if they saw any delay coming they would let you know ahead of time. They even let you know of any possible delay!

On the other side of the spectrum, I also met a bernese guy who was nothing like the average Swiss man. I actually thought he was Mediterranean when I met him so that’s minus one point for prejudice! 💪

What was interesting was when I reached the swiss-french cantons, time-keeping became a little looser. You wouldn’t see anyone surprised at a delay and I even noticed that there was consistently at least a 5-minute delay! In my short time in the area, I felt that delays where expected, so it makes sense how that becomes the new normal for the locals. That of course keeps ‘feeding’ the cycle.

In the swiss-italian area that I visited I never felt that there was any considerable delay. My stay there was super short (a day) and confined to just one town, that’s why I don’t feel comfortable with expressing an opinion.

The reason I opened the post with saying that the Swiss are punctual is because around 60% of the country consists of swiss-german speaking cantons and these are the areas where people are most punctual or consider punctuality important.

Taken in St. Gallen

⚫ This opinion is based on my experience of an eleven-day trip to Switzerland and the people I happen to have met there so as an ‘outsider’ I can’t know for sure if the above is valid.

I went. I explored. Swiss punctuality: confirmed! xx

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